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Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1980 (Leningrad, USSR in those days).

In 1997 graduated from a secondary school and entered Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University.

2002 - started working at "Oceanpribor" Research Institute as an engineer.

2003 - graduated from the university and earned a Bachelor degree in Electroacoustics.

2004 - entered Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University to study Computer Science.

2005 - started a software developer career at PROMT.

2007 - earned a M.Sc. degree in computer science from Polytechnical University.

2011 - signed up and was given a position of a mobile software developer at Envion software.

2012 - continued a developer career at Mail.Ru Group.

2012 - got married.


Currently working at Mail.Ru Group. Our team improve a search engine being used at Mail.Ru Search Portal.


Interested in computer science, particularly the area of structured programming theory and algorithms.

Studying at Coursera.

Participating in Open Source Development, working on a general purpose IDE written in GTK.

Enjoy snowboarding, reading and travelling.

Used to play guitar.


My name is Alexander Petukhov. I am a software developer from St.Petersburg, Russia.

Here you can find some information about me and my resume and contacts as well.


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